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Why girls are girls?

Why girls are girls

Insecurity….. Wanting more than we have… flashy stuffs and all that define the ‘low key” life (when undergoing underground self-discovery tactics) and highlife (mostly when our account is rolling with 6 figures) we all want as ladies.

Who wants to be left out when the globe is drastically changing with new styles, offshore looks, designers springing up with different brands: No one desires to be among the odd since the “odd” are kinda the least ones to mingle with. So here I am typing all these stuffs when I have the same taste like GIRLS because I’m a girl.

So don’t go around asking why girls are the same because the simple answer you will indirectly get is simply because we are a particular kind of gender: female hood, “ladies before gentlemen” and most importantly, we are girls.

I wanted to attend this wedding of an old pal but I found myself placing heaps and heaps of budgets to meet up within this head of mine…wishing I had more to do or to give…but I didn’t . Be rest assured that we are so much conscious about our looks( a basic necessity) .I won’t simply align this to the p word like poverty…

It was more of contentment ‘without what I just couldn’t have’. Men are nurtured with this sense of ‘workaholic spirit’ that they have so much to provide for the greater good than ladies. They have to toil the soils, feed their families and also be the global breadwinners , accepting that women should be treated like eggs stemming from the Adam’s story line. Well….

This is not far from the truth (I’m not really going to disagree with this fact because It is what our mind has been fed with so there is no absolute reason to doubt this)

So we wonder…Why are girls kinda dependent and become sulky when they don’t have the necessities they crave for? Because we are girls…Why does certain girls have trust issues and also a complex structure? Because we are girls and we guard our hearts with all manner of caution and prefer standing at the gate of our hearts, dictating who will come in and who won’t with all scrutiny that ever liveth!

Why are girls made up of different shapes and sizes, some curvy, tacky, round, straight ‘hourglass shape’ and all that comes with it? But a noble answer will be because we are girls? Got no better way of describing this mannerism anyway. We are created in different forms from the image of the same God…kind of conflicting right?

So the next time someone walks up to you and say “Why are girls like this? just like the guy who walked up to me and couldn’t comprehend why I was acting all detective… explain that we are unique, special, total “lovebirds” committed folks, hard-to-get-and-not to-mess-with-at-all peeps…….

At least credit should be given to us after been drilled with sex education our mothers often made a ‘must-learn’ leaving the guys out of it, the recipes we were self- taught or taught compulsorily since the adage which I recently learnt from my dear pal said that ‘ a woman that cannot cook is a liability in the kitchen “or the hearsay’s we put up with “You have to dress with modesty and act with decorum…

Don’t reveal that too much…

C’mon learn to sit properly with your thighs jammed together” and all the fun plays, boys drama. Interesting to note that all these make us STRONG GIRLS.

I know some girls might have fallen on the wayside and made countless mistakes but there are still some that learnt the hard way and kept to the hard way. Nevertheless, we remain girls because existence won’t have made any atom of sense if there was no us……

Glamourous inspirations raveled leaders….

That’s who we are. Peace!

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