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Obstacles are meant to be Overcome

Obstacles and challenges

I was watching a “super dad show”  one day
The show for that day was about a young brave girl of about 5 yrs, placed in a position to conquer obstacles, it wasn’t easy but she did it with four key strategies that I themed as “PIPS” 

  • Perseverance 
  • Intelligence
  • Patience
  • Strength
Someone may ask is perseverance not same as patience?

This question will be answered as we go on in this passage


This girl began her journey to conquer, there were points in the show, that the young girl would’ve had this thought
“Are all this obstacles mine to handle and would it even END at all Gosh!

There are a lot of people who are asking same question. Am I going to see the end of all these problems? The truth and answer is YES, the obstacles have an end just like a saying goes like this “every challenge/problems have its expiring date” .

You’ve got to preserve because the end will come in no distance time, sometimes the road was all smooth for the girl as she progress on her quest and easy for this young girl but immediately hurdles and challenges sets in again.

Despite these obstacles she preserved to the finish line and was crowned the champion. She was not in any competition with anyone because the show was designed for individuals conquering their own hurdles.

You have to Preserve, keep going don’t give in to that weakness, that failure, setback, problem because the challenges you are facing today is really the one you can conquer and destined to overcome.

Child conquering obstacles and hurdles


This plenty young girl wasn’t just pretty in just her looks but was also pretty in her brains too. Every human being is created that way not because am saying it to impress you but because, is the capital Truth. No one should tell you otherwise, thou unfortunately some persons allow themselves to disbelief in this beauty in them.

This young girl understood when to move, when to conserve strength, when to keeping going, how to ignore the negative thoughts by staying positive but kept on pushing for the finish line. Things will never come that easy, in fact let me repeat myself “when things come so easy, please suspect it very well”.

Am not saying Grace does not exist but my point is effort should be made. Intelligence isn’t about the things you read in books in fact that is knowledge but you ability to properly apply the things you know makes you intelligent, because in this form you conquer


People don’t really know and understand time very well not by telling it. The world has its seasons (the climatic seasons) which are Autumn, Springs, Winter & Summer. Humans have time too which I class as the wait, stop, go and proclaim seasons too. This girl really applied that, there were times she had to wait, she stopped, pushed on and shouted in victory. To overcome you have to understand the time and seasons very well so as to not miss out in time.”

That you are waiting doesn’t mean you should stop and not push on again but when success is achieved proclaim it with a great shout of victory {Kelvin Ndubuisi O. 2018}.KELVIN NDUBUISI OJEMEH
wisdom to succeed



The last but not the least is the most important aspect of the whole attribute one who is ready should posses because it is the fuel that others (Perseverance , intelligent, Patience) drive on. Strength is not gotten by eating much edible foods but it is a mind state.

Energy is a product of food but a strong mindset is your strength. This girl worked with a very strong mindset throughout this obstacle challenge quest and became the champion at the end of it.

You can overcome any challenge in life by applying these PIPS formula. Don’t stumble to problems that you could’ve overcome and be looking back years after, and be saying, my goodness why did I had to “throw in the towel” You are a champion not a failure, success is who you are. Believe!

Apply this “PIPS” Formula to conquer obstacles whenever it arises because definitely it will always arise.

Expect more on this topic from us. You can also ask questions and suggestions are welcomed too

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