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The Truth


Had it been I knew the truth, I would have conquered cities and nations but I was made to believe in lies. Oh! I pray someone would remind you these things so you don’t end up like me. How wonderfully and fearfully you were created, a champion from the very beginning.

Your victory did not start on the day you were born, but it started when you were without any form but a projection in the terms of spermatozoa and you conquered millions to emerge as a victor.

Your birth was ordained and predestined, you are not here by chance or by mistake but you are here for a purpose and in that purpose you are fulfilled. The devil don’t like you because he knows that you finding out this truth I write to you this day will be the beginning of his pains.

He is a serial loser because a lot of champions/greats like you are making him to look and be so. Don’t believe anything less than great of yourself because you are a man of endless possibilities.
“Great is not something you want to be rather is something you have to be because you are created great. You are a being with endless possibilities, most times our resolve is tested but with patience you conquer”Kelvin N. Ojemeh

Someone who wants to intimidate and defeat you, will have to bring you down with fear but you should not accept fear because you are a lion.

A lion is not a creature who exist outside of fear but is a creature who refuses fear and subdues it with courage and boldness. That’s why a lion is known to be a creature of boldness. Stand STRONG and be BOLD. Do not yield-in to the fear but be strong and courageous

The very thing you are afraid of is afraid of, is really sweating in its pants for you to not discover who you are…….. This is the TRUTH

In all you are more than a conqueror.

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