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Cybersecurity Risk you should Know

Cybersecurity Threat
It is very important you understand the risks online so you don’t get hacked, or lose your priced assets because of cybersecurity threats.

Learn about today’s top cybersecurity risk. These security risk have been identified and analyzed by McAfee threat research team as the most impactful risk today. These include risks to network security, information security, and more.

RansomwareScarab – Ransomware

Ransomware uses AES encryption, adds various extensions to infected files. In November 2017 it was discovered that the Necurs botnet was used to spread the malicious software. Multiple variants of the ransomware continue to appear on the threat landscape.

Operation Oceansalt

Campaign reuses a portion of code from the Seasalt implant (circa 2010) that is linked to the Chinese hacking group Comment Crew. Oceansalt appears to have been part of an operation targeting South Korea, the US, and Canada in a well-focused attack.

Exploit KitThreadKit Exploit Kit

The exploit kit is used to create malicious Microsoft Office documents in an attempt to exploit a range of Microsoft vulnerabilities. The builder is sold on the Dark Web. It has been used to infect victims with various malware including FormBook, Loki Bot, Trickbot, and Chthonic.

RansomwareGandCrab 5 – Ransomware

This ransomware appends random extensions to encrypted files. It directs the victim to an HTML file for instructions on how to decrypt infected files. The threat actor demands $800 in either bitcoin or DASH for the decryption key. GandCrab 5 also scans network shares and mapped drives to find files to encrypt. The threat actors behind the ransomware use a variety of infection vectors such as; PowerShell, botnets, exploit kits, Trojanized programs, spear phishing, and remote desktop.

Exploit KitFallout Exploit Kit

This exploit kit was discovered in August 2018 and takes advantage of flaws in Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Windows. A successful infection will allow the attacker to download additional malware onto the victim’s computer.

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