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Am In Love with a Killer

Feeling depressed and bad

How can that be? someone would ask.

How can I love who or that which is killing me, that’s not possible and I refuse to believe that.
Well, I do concur with you,  I refuse that for you and for anyone, but unfortunately it is true.

A lot of persons today are entangled with yolks, habits and peer(s) who is killing our purpose in life. Who is destroying our Garden of Eden, associating with persons and things that is contaminating the spring brooks of our life.
Habits are easily formed but hard to stop, a pattern of lifestyle that is bad can really be tricky hard to stop and so this is how loving a killer is created.

I became in love with my killer when I started being in the position I don’t use to be. Wrong habits makes my love for him to Grow.KELVIN NDUBUISI OJEMEH

Can this killer be stopped and killed forever?

The answer is an ABSOLUTE YES
but you will need to form a new habit but this time around a Good One. You don’t need to fight the bad one, it will die by itself.

Natural selection basically states that “the strong survive.” The basic idea is that when change occurs, those organisms best suited to the new circumstances will thrive. Those who are not ideally suited will not be able to compete and eventually dies or is lost forever.Charles Darwin

I concur with this theory. Its true what we do daily are part of our present but what we rarely or scarcely do are gone and lost. To kill the killer one have to develop an equal directly opposite of the wrongs. Don’t fight to stop the wrong habit(s) by stopping it because life avoids vacuum but you have to occupy the space with an act that will tend to suppress it.
Let me shock you, everyone has the 100% capacity of wrongdoings when I mean wrong, I mean all manner of wrongs (Bad doings).

feeling down But why are Most of us Good and not loving the killer?

The answer is because they gave their love to a beauty charmer that bring peace and Beauty to their lives. Doing the right things makes one to be unavailable for the wrongs, remember vacuum is not allowed to exist in the nature of human and his environment. Because nature is always trying to occupy.


Firstly one should have a strong determination, have a strong resolve to succeed and discipline, if you truly want to experience FRESHNESS. Don’t give into the lie that you cannot succeed and win the battle, but always encourage yourself to winning the battle and for this reason one is required to develop mental strength.

Kill the killer by doing something new and directly opposite to the killer (bad habits).Kelvin O. N.
  • Laziness is a killer; so what do people do in order to kill laziness? they work. Laziness has its direct opposite to be work.
  • If drinking is the killer (alcoholic or addict drinks) here I would suggest making water your friend, drink as much as  you would drink, in fact enjoy it alone as if is a new brand of drink, don’t spend any minutes without sipping from your container or bottle of water. Go to Bar, in the fridge, fill water in containers and bottles of brands one is addicted to or love drinking.

Continue on this new habit and you will be so happy that you did.

This is a part series article and believe me the killer must be killed. Continue to stay connected with us as new update comes on daily basis.

Ask your questions and suggestions are welcomed too.

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