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Achieving Success despite the Odds | Secrets to Dream Actualization – Episode 1

Success is first, a thing of the mind before the outward manifestation. A  defeated mind is one that gives up easily because of  setbacks, fear of the unknown and full of negativity.

Cambridge Dictionary defines SUCCESS: the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for .To succeed one must understand to never be discouraged, and be able to weigh the goal as a greater factor that should not be given up on easily.

People who conquered, were once individuals who had lots of setbacks, issues but yet they encouraged themselves, got along with people who sharpens them and not the once’s that discourage them to forget their dreams and convinced to follow the easy way.

The truth is the easy ways are not always the best ways “Don’t get me wrong, am not saying that you should always struggle in other for you to be in the success, No!” Take a look at this illustration.

STUDENT A:  A student who study very HARD, spend days/months on all pages in the book, burning lots of energy but his/her grade is consistently poor or average.

STUDENT B: The student who study WELL, with a better management of time, energy and understand where questions are going to come from.

Hardworking is good when there is proper understanding of a thing and purpose, you can achieve a lot when this understanding is there. Imagine a child who uses  1litre cup to fetch water that would full 100litres drum. Surely the child would achieve his goal in filling the drum after the 100th time.

working real hard

But imagine another child who uses 10litres or even 20litres bucket. Their goals would be achieved at the 10th and 5th time respectively. What is the point in all this, Employing a proper strategy is needed in other to be successful in you endeavor. First of all you should not be a Quitter but a Determined Achiever. Because your resolve to succeed will be tried by difficulties and fire, but in always seek out for the brighter side and lessons. Because to succeed you must understand how to work hard but in the proper way.

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